Those who work for us say “this is where
I want to be.”

Working for Camp Havaya, whether during the summer or year-round, is a positive experience not only because the work is fulfilling but also because being a member of the camp team is itself fulfilling. Each member of the team is excited to say “this is my camp” — we are an organization in which all feel deep ownership and pride. We are a community where each member of the team is valued, where individual staff members rightly feel that their input is important and that their decisions are trusted, and where every person who works with us brings forward the mission and vision of camp in all of their work.

Our staff forms a cohesive team that continues to further the vision of Camp Havaya. While we each work on individual and often discrete projects, it is our work as a whole that propels camp to ever greater heights. We continuously strive to take camp to the next level — we are hard working, forward thinking, and thoughtful about every piece of our work. We involve our campers and staff as partners in building excitement about each summer at camp; we engage our donors and supporters in real and meaningful ways that show them that we value not only their dollars but also their input; and we reach out to families in ways that treat them as members of our extended camp family (not merely as “customers”). Each member of our staff feels that it is their responsibility to ensure the current and future success of camp — their work on a daily basis shows their commitment to, and passion for, our vision.

We’re looking for team players in college
(and beyond!)

    Join us as a:
  • Counselor or Unit Head
  • Program Staff (sports, aquatics, challenge course, nature, arts, music, drama, experiential education)
  • Health and Wellness Staff (nurses and doctors)
  • Operations Staff (kitchen, maintenance, housekeeping, driver, office, photographer)

If you have questions about staff positions or the status of your application, please contact Sheira Director‑Nowack, Camp Director, at