Our campers form bonds
that last a lifetime.

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With so much to do,
the fun never stops!

We work hard to make sure that each camper can play hard. Every detail is in place so that they can have the time of their life—every single summer.

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We want you
to be you!

At Camp Havaya, there’s never a reason for campers to be anyone other than their true selves. No matter who they are, our kids are both celebrated and challenged in ways that help them grow into amazing human beings.

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Camp Havaya is a truly extraordinary place—your kid will feel part of something bigger than themselves, and they’ll want to experience that magic year after year.

Camp JRF is now Camp Havaya.

Worry not! We have a new name but, deep down, we’re still the same incredibly diverse and welcoming community where kids explore Judaism in their own ways and become the best versions of themselves.

Learn more about why we chose this name or click through to visit our website. Either way, we can’t wait to welcome you to Camp Havaya this summer!