We encourage each camper to explore our traditions and today’s world to discover what being Jewish means to them.

For today’s world.

Steeped in Jewish tradition and connected to a community that is both historic and global, Judaism is alive and breathing for us at Camp Havaya, engaging and evolving with our growing world.

Explored and understood.

Our campers approach Jewish life on their own terms and, because it’s personal, the connection they make to Judaism is lasting.

Nuanced and multifaceted.

Reconstructionism helps us create an environment that embraces diverse experiences and beliefs while remaining distinctly—and strongly—Jewish.

Deeply Rooted.
Boldly Relevant.

Reconstructing Judaism cultivates and supports Jewish living, learning and leadership for a changing world.

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Join our community.

Camp Havaya is a truly extraordinary place—your kid will feel part of something bigger than themselves, and they’ll want to experience that magic year after year.