Camp Havaya is all about the joy of summer camp…with the freedom to be who you truly are.

In our incredibly diverse and accepting community, all kids—no matter their race, sexual orientation, gender identity, family structure, or Jewish background—are more than welcomed. They’re celebrated!

With so many activities—from the high-ropes challenge course to learning a new song, from the trampoline in our lake to any number of sports—the biggest challenge at Camp Havaya is figuring out what’s the most fun!

How We Be

We’re serious about being our best selves—it’s How We Be! We stand up for ourselves and our friends, take responsibility for our actions, and understand the part each of us plays in creating a joyful and welcoming community.

Meet Howie

“Our daughter sees Camp Havaya as her true-est turf, a place where she can be her true-est self, make her true-est friends, explore her true-est Jewish path. That’s only possible in a place that values and embraces so many vectors of diversity, so well.”

Camp Havaya Parent

Join our community.

Camp Havaya is a truly extraordinary place—your kid will feel part of something bigger than themselves, and they’ll want to experience that magic year after year.